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Corte, July 2021   


Creation in Situ from 14 to 20 October 2021
Esplanade of the FRAC of Corsica

Performance Wink Wink
Wednesday, October 20

As part of the symposium on the practice of Ochju in the Mediterranean organized by the Creativita mission of the University of Corsica, this LAB #5 recreated at the FRAC of Corsica, the multidisciplinary performance Clin d'œil created in 2017 at the open theater of Sartène.
During the residency, the artists of the Cie Art Mouv’ and the students of the Performing Arts license ofr the University of Corsica  revisited this millenary island tradition that allows the eye of the initiate to see the depth of things. 

The participatory performance « Wink Wink » presented on the esplanade of the FRAC allowed the audienc to experiment distanced and resolutely contemporary points of view on a traditional identity practice that today cohabites strongly with modernity.

From ritualised gesture to abstract gesture, the work is a choreographic, sound and video performance inspired by the process of repetition in anthropological and choreographic practice.
Repetition and accumulation of gestures, sounds and images unfold a universe of possibilities, at the intersection of transdisciplinary forms of expression and new synergies between artists and researchers, public and territory, Corsican language and body language.


Projet soutenu par la Collectivité de Corse, la Faculté des Lettres, Langues, Arts, Sciences Humaines et Sociales de l’Université de Corse Pasquale Paoli (FLLASHS), la Caisse des Dépôts, Air Corsica, la Spedidam




Davia Benedetti (MCF), Project Academic Director – Creative Engagement Officer.

Students of Living Arts license:

Clara Sautron, Zoé Ronat, Elsa Pianelli-Balisoni, Mathias Rutsma, Léo Tafasca, Johanna Forny, Mona Maraninchi, Maureen Ballo, Sarah Hammami, Sophie Audibert, Marien Le Roy, Noé Lebret, Sonia Leca, Cécilia Vassallo, Cinzia Peressuti

Cie Art Mouv’:

Artistic direction /Hélène Taddei Lawson

Performers / Davia Benedetti, Hélène Taddei Lawson

Video / Stéphane Broc

Sound Design / Tommy Lawson

Light / Anouar Benali

Production / Frédéric Antomarchi

Communication / Pierre Battesti

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