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Nom de code goeland -9.jpg

Artistic direction / Hélène Taddei Lawson

Creation and performance / Karin Jemsby, Hélène Taddei Lawson, Didier Firmin, William Garrouste, 

Alexandre Jean

Sound design / Tommy Lawson

Video / Stéphane Broc

Lights / Sébastien Lefèvre

Duration / 1h15 mn 

Supports / Collectivité de Corse, Drac de Corse, 

Ville de Bastia

Coproductions / Théâtre Rutebeuf, Clichy

Contemporary dancers, a comedian, a breaker, a house dancer, video devices, sound and space materials interact through a narration conceived with improvisations ...
This great freedom process of creation allows to emerge the plot of a polar, inside which strange characters intersect, appear and disappear.
A great game of hide and seek takes shape around an imaginary character, Jonathan Livingstone with the code name Goëland.


Rutebeuf Theater of Clichy, France - June 2002

Bastia Theater, Corsica - December 2002

l’Astronef Theater, Marseille, France - January 2003

The Kalliste Theater, Ajaccio, Corsica - March 2003

Zpazziu Natale Lucciani, Corte, Corsica - April 2003


Out of nowhere, five suspicious silhouettes start a strange ballet that structures the space like lines of tension, bathed in geometric lights and flashing video images on drum & bass sounds. From the outset the mystery is laid, then the whole is dislocated to make room for the personality of each, which asserts itself with quality and precision. Hélène Taddei Lawson, pulls up the strings of this writing that gives the floor to the dancers and tramples the boundaries between dance and theatrical images. The soundtrack, signed Tommy Lawson, surrounds us with current sounds punctuated with retro accents and moods that plunge us back into the polar spirit while the video of Stéphane Broc perfectly serve the choreographic purpose with relevance and originality. 

Faithful to Art Mouv’s interdisciplinarity approach promoting and miscegenation, Nom de Code Goéland escapes the established codes of contemporary dance and hip-hop.
The audience knew how to appreciate the initiatory voyage of the famous gulls in love with freedom.

Christophe Laurent - Corse - Matin - may 2002

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