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Artistic direction / Hélène Taddei Lawson


Creation and performance / Alex Benth, Jean Claude Guilbert,  Charly Moandal, Hélène Taddei Lawson


Sound design / Tommy Lawson


Lights / Erick Plaza Cochet       


Duration / 55 mn 

Supports / Collectivité de Corse, Ville de Bastia,         Air Corsica, Caisse des Dépots, Spedidam

Co-productions and residencies / CCN de Roubaix CCN de Créteil , CCN de la Rochelle

Space turn by turns poetic, energetic, ironic, Au Fait ...? combines the gesture with the word, enchains full and empty without a declaration of meaning, leaving what the writer wanted to say free of any interpretation.

Dance fragments and puns, individualities and collective frescoes question beyond established codes.

Each dancer is a universe by himself, borrowing from cartoon, ethnic, underground, crossing the masculine and the feminine, one and diversity. 

A strange in camera that is seen between the bodies, between the notes, between the words and in which the movement and the emotion between the dancers appears as a breeze. 

While a digital sound and light device abolishes the borders between the board and the control room.

CND of Pantin, Paris, France - May 2012  

Plateforme Danse Festival, Bastia, Corsica - May 2017 

CCN of Créteil, France - August 2012

Spazziu Natale Luciani, Corte, Corsica - March 2013

L’Aria, Olmi Cappella, Corsica -Mars 2013

Rencontre de Danses Métisses, Cayenne, Guyana - December 2013

L’Aghja, Ajaccio, Corsica - Juanary 2014

Plateforme Danse Festival, Bastia, Corsica - May 2014 

Karavel Festival, Bron, France - October 2014

Week of Dance, Porto Vecchio, Corsica - April 2015

Parque Mirador de Sosua, Dominican Republic- September 2015 

Edanco Festival, Saint Domingue, Dominican Republic- September 2015

San Juan Arts Museum, Porto Rico - Septembre 2015


« By the way what did the author mean? » favors the exchange an the crossing of forms of expression. To transcribe the work of an author and enter the dance of word, the universes meet, collide, oppose.

La voix du nord - September 2013


Throughout the performance, universes will oppose, mix, twist, and not blend, but create a new universe with its own characteristics that generates its own poetry. 

Shifts occur, decompartmentalization are made. 

No heaviness in this inventory “à la Prévert”. 

Chantal Baldacci - Blog’in Giru - March 2013

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