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MED FM Creation 1999

Artistic director / Hélène Taddei Lawson

Creation and performance / Khady Fofana, 

Karin Jemsby, Hélène Taddei Lawson, Tica Brumant, Karl Libanus, William Garouste, Alexandre Jean, 

Juha-Pekka Marsalo

Sound design / Tommy Lawson

Video Creation / Philippe Raffalli

Duration /65 mn 

Supports / Collectivité de Corse, Drac de Corse, 

Ville de Bastia

Happy who like Ulysses has made a beautiful trip…and runs aground in the heart of the Mediterranean, on an island that captivates the senses with a subtle blend of musisc and dances. An island that is a gigantic radio antenna, an initiatory place where nature, culture and the supernatural merge in the sea.

Med FM is a Mediterranean island laboratory from which interrogations are fused, contradictions are telescoped, meanings emerge.
The articulation of different choreographic, sound and digital scripts and gestures, contemporary, African, and hip hop sign the first creation of the Cie Art Mouv’.


Bastia Theater, Corsica - March 1998

The Kallisté Theater, Ajaccio, Corsica - February 1998

Isle Danse Festival, Ajaccio, Corsica - March 1999

Studio Video Dance Festival, Bastia, Corsica - March 1999

Ballu In Festu Festival, Ile-Rousse, Corsica May 1999

Bergamo Festival, Italy - August 1999

Rencontres Urbaines of La Villette, Paris, France - October 1999

Hip-hop Grand Sud Festival, Montpellier Danse, France - June 2000

Plateaux de Bagnolet, Maison de la Danse of Lyon, France - July 2000

Rutebeuf Theater of Clichy, France - June 2002


Ile Danse Festival, Ajaccio - And it is precisely the Med FM show that seemed the most emblematic of the festival's approach. On a rich sampling of Tommy Lawson, the choreographic figures glide over each other. Around waves hip-hop, arise duo, African jerks, winks to the oriental dance... The fluidity of the dance remains nevertheless intact and sparkling.

Annick Peigne - Giuly - Libération - février 1998

Video Studio Dance Festival, Bastia - Med FM, a Mediterranean walk sensitively with the influence. In this work of great honesty, we were surprised by a dancer Carolyn Carlson, Juha Pekka Marsalo, who was able to seize the basics of hip-hop while keeping his style. 

Hélène Taddei has always been able to transmit her dance while respecting the personality of each: the one, nervous, of Nasser Koubeb, the creamy one of Ricardo Missing, the sensual one of Vanessa Leixtrey and her own, piquant and serious.

Marie-Christine Vernay - Libération - mars 1999

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