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Campus 40

University of Corsica, October 2020


Campus 40 is an art project that echoes the COVID-19 health crisis. 

Campus for university space, 40 for quarantine.

Since the period did not allow to perform, this laboratory allowed to make  a movie, within the Campus, a video dance in which the students deploy choreographic structures signed by the dancers of Art Mouv'. By diversifying the forms of urban dance, the narration naturally found its inspiration in the circulation of the movement, in a journey through the pluridisciplinarity (dance, music, video). Five performances were also performed in outdoor spaces: Parvis Spaziu culturale natale Luciani, Parvie Palzzu Naziunale, Parvis Fac de droit (Campus Mariani) and Parvis Desanti (Campus Grimaldi).

The emergence of new languages, the richness of the imaginary and the emancipation of the movement through the pleasure of dancing fed the process of these «events», in response to the confinement of the bodies.


Project supported by the Collectivity of Corsica (Project Identity(s) in Motion), the University of Corsica – Pasquale Paoli (FLLASHS and Mission Creativity) and the Spedidam.




With Davia Benedetti (MCF), University Director of the project – Creative Officer.

Students of the Performing Arts license: 

Juan Rincon-Prada, Clara Sautron, Zoé Ronat, Jérémy Pinet, Elsa Pianelli-Balisoni, Mathias Ritsma, Léo Tafasca, Johanna Forny, Mona Maraninchi, Maureen Ballo, Sarah Hammami, Cecilia Vassalo, Julien Bardier, Nicolas Chataignier, Jeremy Pimet, Maria-Stella Poiblan, Léo Tafasca, Paloma Bonnal, Leila Cazanove, Michela Galbiati, Pierre-Antoine Mortini, Sophie Audibert, Cuneo Antone-Saveriu, Hamza El Herrad, Marien Leroy, Noé Lebret, Michelle Merlot, Stéphane Spaccesi, Gaetan Valenti, Antony Colonna D'Istria, Emilie Bouvier, Leoncini Timothy, Sonia Leca, Cecilia Lucciardi, Manon Recco, Cloé Ropert, Marga Tiomkin.


Students of the STAPS option métiers de la danse:

Lena Maria Bosseur, Andrea Dantas, Lea Grazielly, Lilas Rose Gomez, Ilona Paez, Lea Orsini, Elisa Bosquet, Marine Brottes, Victoria Cardella, Pauline Pauron, Maeva Serafini, Laura Mancini, Lea Maria D'Amore, Estelle Andreani.

Cie Art Mouv’ :

Artistic direction/Hélène Taddei Lawson

Performers/ Alex Benth, Charly Moandal, Dominique Lesdema, Dominique Lisette, Jean Claude Guilbert, Hélène Taddei Lawson, Davia Benedetti, Sarah Sottocasa.

Video / Stéphane Broc

Sound Design / Tommy Lawson

Production manager/ Frédéric Antomarchi

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