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In Situ & Off

For several years, the Art Mouv’ Cie has been offering a choreographic, sound and digital concept at the border of creation, performance and installation.

Many experiences have led him to create and perform in atypical places such as the in situ festivals of Havana, Valparaiso, La Paz, the museums of Bastia, Alta Rocca, Fesch in Ajaccio, the Museum of Corsica, the FRAC Corsica, and many other places and events in Corsica and abroad…


The multidisciplinary proposals dance, music, video are flexible according to the spaces made available and adaptable to the events of the place. They take into account the type of work, the architecture, the theme (heritage days, Museum Night, temporary exhibitions). They are available in improvisational structures, soundscapes, video installations, specific creations in line with the current events of the place.

Sometimes being the occasion of a few days or a few weeks of residence, they meet the public in a contemporary spirit, confronting past and present, heritage and modernity.

The Isula Sessions cycle as part of A Festa di a Lingua and the creations of the Identity(s) in Movement project combine choreographic and digital arts around the Corsican language. These projects explore the relationship between the body and the architectural and natural heritage through the notions of body ecology.


Synchrocity bis bis.png

Synchrocity (loops of 14’)

An urban walk deployed on plasma screens and a video projection

Synchrocity bis.png
Sans Titre.JPG
Sans Titre bis.png

Without Title (loops of 20’)

Three echoing landscapes, three moving bodies, linked together by the linearity of the screens

Blue Tempo 2.png
Blue Tempo 1.png

Blue Tempu (2023 - boucles de 15’)

Danse et l’écologie corporelle, projection sur un moniteur télé 

Videremu 2.png
Videremu 1.png

Videremu disse Roberto (2022 - boucles de 21’22)

Trois moniteurs télé créent un kaléidoscope du quotidien 


Alice on the beach bis.jpg
Alice on the beach.JPG

Alice on the Beach (rounds of 4h)

When public space reinvent citizensh

Angle Mort.jpg
Angle Mort bis.jpg

Angle Mort

Happenings in Valparaiso

Circulu 2.png
Circulu 1 .jpg

Circulu 4.7 (2023 - 50’)

Danse et tourisme équitable en collaboration avec le RIMeLAB de l’Université de Corse

Blue Time 1 crea in situ.png
Blue Time 2 crea in situ.png

Blue Time (2022 – 55’)

Une balade entre espace protégé, espace convoité, espace rêvé...

les naufragés 2.png
les naufragés 1.png

Les naufragés (2021 - 40’)

Création sur la plage de Tizzano


Hors Champ bis bis.png
Hors Champ bis.jpg

Hors Champ Chorégraphique

Moving works in Corsica FRAC

Isula Session bis bis.jpg
Isula Session bis.jpeg

Isula Session

Language and poetry in motion

Simu Zen 1.JPG
Simu Zen 2.jpg

Simu Zen (2022 - 40’)

Questions existentielles à l’IA Siri

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