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Tizzano, July 2021  


Creation In Situ from 26 to 31 July 2021

Tizzano beach at Tizzà Mare

Show Les Naufragés 

Saturday, July 31 

Performance Les Naufragés 

Saturday, July 31 

The summer laboratories of the Identité(s) En Mouvement project combine anthropological, ethnoscenology, Corsican language and artistic creation (choreographic and digital). This LAB #5 designed «in situ » on the beach of Tizzano considers the island as a place of emergence of a body ecology that puts in relation the body and the world. By putting our internalized nature into perspective, this relationship suggests empathy as an agent of change in the face of ecological and humanitarian crises. Inspired by the poem « If it were your son» by Sergio Guttilla, « Les Naufragés » witnesses, in the heart of the Mediterranean, to an insular identity that is constantly renewed.The insularity acts as a filter, between openness and protectionism, revealing our true nature while the Mediterranean provides on our shores a humanity in migration.

« If it were your son
You’d fill the sea with ships
And of any flag.
You want everyone together
To millions
They’re building a bridge.
To get him through. »

Sergio Guttilla


Project supported by the Collectivity of Corsica, the Faculty of Letters, Languages, Arts, Human and Social Sciences of the University of Corsica Pasquale Paoli (FLLASHS), the Caisse des Dépôts, Air Corsica, the Hotel Tizzà Mare




Choreography / Hélène Taddei Lawson 

Dance / Davia Benedetti, Juha Pekka Marsalo, Hélène Taddei Lawson,

Video / Stéphane Broc

Sound Design / Tommy Lawson

Light / Anouar Benali

Production / Frédéric Antomarchi

Communication / Pierre Battesti

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