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SOSBUNKER.COM Creation 2009

Artistic direction / Hélène Taddei Lawson

Creation and performance / Hélène Taddei Lawson,

Dominique Lisette, Juha Pekka Marsalo, James Delleck, Tommy Lawson

Sound design / Tommy Lawson

Slam / James Delleck

Duration / 59 mn 

Supports / Collectivité de Corse, Bastia Town Council

Coproductions / CCN de Roubaix, La Condition Publique de Roubaix

A strange bunker,made of shade and light. Only a few television images, windows on the outside, pierce this closed, insular space, fossilized images like the original sound that decodes the snow of our televisions. A place where the affects are shared, the languages are confronted, the certainties are disintegrated.

Between identity research and the quest for openness, a borderline experience at the frontier between the individual, the community and the universal.
The bunker is a concept, that of confinement, isolation, madness, flight, impulses of life and death, the quest for freedom and love...
The concept of SOS is a call for help, awareness, action.


Auditorium of Pigna, Corsica - March 2006

Tour in Bolivia – September 2006 : La Paz – Sucre – Cochabamba – Tajira – Santa Cruz 

Danse Bamako Danse Festival, Mali - November 2006

FESPACO Festival of Lome, Togo - November 2006

Bastia Theater, Corsica - December 2006

Cultural French Center of Lomé, Togo - April 2007

Plateforme Danse Festival, Bastia, Corsica - May 2007

Karavel Festival, Bron, France - October 2007

CCN of Roubaix, France - January 2008

L’Aghja Ajaccio, Corsica - May 2008

CND of Pantin, France - February 2008

La Condition Publique of Roubaix, France - October 2008


In "", the scenes reproduce as if the same day started again. Dance to express isolation. The slam comes to describe the torments. In this closed session, the fears of some rub shoulders with the hopes of others. To find the light, to find oneself, freedom and why not love. An SOS finesse, served by a quality interpretation.

Sandra Carlotti - Corse Matin - décembre 2006


An Africa that is portrayed on the stage through its daily life makes caricatures and human rights violations. "", which took place in a setting of shocking realism, represents the chaotic and chaotic world of Africa, between identity research and the quest for openness.

L’Union - Lomé - Togo - mai 2007


CND of Pantin - Awareness bunker - A strange miniature world is buzzing in the bunker. A mad scientist writes equations on a frenetic blackboard. A poor girl dreams of her juke box. A guy is sprawled on a stretcher, fidgeting with spasms.Each one marks its territory, digs its anti-atomic shelter, its nest of madness, in an impulse of life and freedom.

Etienne Balmer - Libération - février 2008

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