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Artistic direction / Hélène Taddei Lawson, 

Norma Claire

Creation and performance / Davia Benedetti, Alex Benth, Jean-Baptiste Bartoli

Sound design / Tommy Lawson

Additionals musics / Danyel Waro, The Hilliard Ensemble

Lights / Erick Plaza Cochet    


Texts / Léon Gontran Damas 

Duration / 40 mn 

Supports / Collectivité de Corse, Ville de Bastia

DRAC de Guyane, Ville de Cayenne

Co-productions / Toukadanse,  Cie Art Mouv

Created in Cayenne and Bastia, Here and Elsewhere explores the notion of identity through the cross-look of two choreographers. 

Norma Claire and Hélène Taddei Lawson sign a common creation inspired by their respective origins, with Corsican and Guyanese dancers.

The strong personality of each performer, their differences and their similarities question this identity beyond the usual boundaries.

The dance, fluid and energetic, is highlighted by the appearance and disappearance of clothes appearing as disembodied bodies.

A game depicting the fleetingness of our perceptions, being and appearing, the personal and the universal.
The musical writing crosses the word of writers, singers engaged on two territories of here and elsewhere.


Rencontres de Danses Métisses, Cayenne, Guyana - November, December 2013

Zpazziu Natale Lucciani, Corte, Corsica - February 2015

Plateforme Danse Festival, Museum of Bastia, Corsica - June 2013


From Bastia to Cayenne in a dance step; movements, mixed gestures, sounds and texts, the show is a concentrate of keys and miscegenation. As if here and elsewhere were given time for a dance, rhythmic, impregnated, deep and moving. The identity of each territory, each story, each dancer, each note, fills the show to restore a universal cultural identity.

C. Eymard-Duvernay - Corsica - June 2013

With " Here and elsewhere " it is a dialogue between Guyana and Corsica which is established. Evocation of two universes thanks to a choreography imagined by Norma Claire (Cayenne) and Helene Taddei Lawson (Bastia), evocation to say the weight of history, its hindrances, but also to illuminate emancipation ways. Chjami è rispondi where geographical peculiarities do not oppose a community of words.

Michèle Acquaviva-Pache - JDC - June 2013

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