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Artistic direction / Hélène Taddei Lawson

Creation and performance / Patrick Nupert, Hughes Pomiès, Hélène Taddei Lawson, Stéphane Broc, Tommy Lawson

Sound design / Tommy Lawson

Video / Stéphane Broc

Lights / Hugues Pomiès

Duration / 58 mn 

Supports / Collectivité de Corse, Drac de Corse, 

Ville de Bastia, Ambassade de France de Cuba

Coproduction / Théâtre Rutebeuf de Clichy

«A flapping of butterfly wings in the China Sea can provokes a tidal wave in Bastia” It is impossible to predict the weather beyond six days. As for space, it is expanding ... Hasta siempre!
L’Effet Papillon questions the impact of these revelations on our common sense, in a perspective of the relationship between art and science.

The space vibrates, the time accelerates, the movement is embodied in the choreographic and numerical matter: a moment of incubation in the black box.
While 4 ghosts curl the space of illustrious names, a butterfly wing suspends time!


Bastia Theater, Corsica - April 2004

Culturel Center Anima, Ghisonnaccia , Corsica - Mai 2004

Espace Sant’Angelo, Bastia , Corsica - Octobre 2004

Le Kallisté Theater, Ajaccio, Corsica - December 2004

Tour in Cuba – April 2005 : Teatro Tomás Terry - Cienfuegos, Teatro La Caridad – Santa Clara, Teatro Principal - Ciego de Ávila, Teatro Principal - Camagüey, Teatro José Joaquín Palma - Bayamo, Teatro Principal - Manzanillo, Teatro Sauto- Matanzas, Teatro Nacional de Cuba - La Havane, Los Dias de la Danza Festival, Teatro Mella - La Havane

Corsican Tour – July 2005 : Luri - Morsiglia - Corte – Campile – Sant’Antonino -

St-Florent – Palasca.

CCN of Roubaix, France- January 2008

L’Aghja, Ajaccio, Corsica - May 2008

CND of Pantin, France - February 2008

La Condition Publique of Roubaix, France - October 2008


With this personal ease that she has to handle the genres, the choreographer from Bastia seduces, plays with the audience and disturbs too. On children's toys, for example, she creates a highly technical contemporary ballet, sometimes playful, often poetic and always eager for space.

Christophe Laurent - Corse-Matin - décembre 2004

Magical, offbeat and unconventional, the gestures hip-hop, contemporary and African cross and meet sound and video devices. A "Butterfly Effect" already started to gain momentum. A flapping wing of surprising beauty.

Jean-Marie Colombani - Corse Matin - décembre 2004

Dance Days - Teatro Mella - Havana.
Strong actions, a suggestive sense of movement, musical, theatrical, danced or simply visual stage objects, an organic and coherent system, governed by a strong conceptual basis.

 A. D. Abreu - Granma - La Havane - avril 2005

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